I am a perfectionist. I am also, as my mother has told me, a total slob. These are generally not two attributes that generally go together. I’ll explain. It’s not so much that I’m a slob, as I’m too lazy or too impatient to achieve the amount of perfection I require of myself when it comes to, say, keeping my room tidy, making my bed or ironing. Each of these tasks will simply take too long and so I just leave it. All or nothing.

Procrastination and perfectionism are directly linked in my mind. I feel I’m saving myself frustration when I put something off that would require more detail than I’m prepared for at that time. Once it’s left, it becomes difficult to pick it back up again and I’m left with a massive pile of stuff to do all at once. It’s not a good habit, but a difficult one to break. In this case, it would apply to dressmaking.

It would appear I may have set my sights too high… I am working on my first pattern drafting, attempting to recreate the above dress, which I found on modcloth, but in a darker blue linen instead of the sky blue seersucker of the original. I’ve pretty much gotten the bodice (pictures and details to come when I finish the dress), but I’m stuck when it comes to boning and lining, having never successfully done either before (most materials I use don’t require lining). I will be sitting down tomorrow to attempt to finish the calico mock-up that I’m making up as I go. Wish me luck.

Until next time,


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