The Epic Boredom of Milan

If there’s anywhere I regret going on this trip, it’s probably Milan. The only thing I really got out of this trip was a Facebook profile picture (seriously). Il Duomo was pretty enough, sure, but as we were only in the city for one day, which happened to be a Sunday, Milan was closed.


Myself in front of Il Duomo

I had offered my Dad Cinelli merchandise, which I was unfortunately unable to get (yes, I know, I can order it online, but he’s the kind of man who’ll appreciate it more coming from somewhere significant, like the birth place of the brand), we never actually went into Il Duomo as the crowds were so massive we had little chance of getting close, and seeing as I’d managed to develop Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease (or something similar) during our stay in Venice, walking was not especially comfortable.



I had hoped to make it out to a particular suburb on the outskirts of Milan, the name of which I cannot at present find or remember (typical…) which is where my Grandfather’s Grandfather came from, just to have a look at some family history, however we simply didn’t get around to it, what with my decreased walking speed (still not entirely better a month or so on) and not being entirely certain how to get there…


Il Duomo

All around a bit of a flop. I can really only recommend Milan to people who are only going there for fashion and shopping, which really you can just do in Paris, a much prettier and far more interesting city.

To top it all off, when we tried to book seats on a train to Zürich, we ended up having to book a new hotel room instead as every train that day was completely full except first class, which neither of us could afford. Brilliant.

Anyone else felt pure disappointment about a travel destination before?

More to come, next up: Switzerland



2 thoughts on “The Epic Boredom of Milan

  1. What a pity you didn’t get to see more of Milan, it is a gorgeous city with so much to offer. The shopping is second to none in the world and the shops the most elegant. The Brera area is a wonderful place to wander and if you get the chance to see inside some of the magnificent courtyards in Milan you would change your mind about the city.

    • I think next time I will have to be travelling with a little more money and a bit more room for error. It was so expensive to stay there and I think we probably didn’t pick the best time for it either, but that was the experience we had. I mostly wanted to share the fact that as awesome as my trip was, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses and we didn’t always make the best decisions.

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